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Neighbours From Hell 1 Skidrow Reloaded




... This collection of eerie short films with an ghoulish theme will delight Halloween audiences. A Ghost Town, a Frozen Ghost Town, a Silly Ghost Town and a Lonely Ghost Town are just a few of the creepy places where this spooky collection can be experienced. Chronicle Reviews are ads to help the filmmakers and producers to make the best out of their product. We help them to get their message out. If you are the director, producer, writer or someone else related to the movie than we are glad to assist you with reviews of upcoming and current movies. Chronicle Reviews is a production of BUG Productions, LLC. We take an active part in the movie community and we believe that we bring a lot of value to filmmakers and producers. We are looking for films of various genres, especially horror, comedy and drama, but in general films with a message. All we ask for is a sentence about the film and a link to the page or the film on the website of the film. All reviews will be carefully screened for anything that might be a potential problem for the site. A creative and talented group of students enrolled at Harbinger High School in Ithaca, NY are helping to raise money for the students. Before their seniors leave high school, Harbinger High School students are creating a short horror film inspired by actual history. They are now calling upon the community to help fund the production through Kickstarter. Shot in late April of 2012, the film will be directed by Dan Hamer, who has previously directed a documentary on the Soviet martial art Judo. Students writing, directing, producing and editing this film are Charlie Linden, Jack Donaghy, Aidan Donaghy, Michael Plashok and Victoria Hamer. According to the Kickstarter page, "The story centers around a group of student filmmakers who are forced to make a documentary about historical reality, only to be caught up in an age-old battle." If funded, the film will be released at the Ithaca International Film Festival this fall. "We have an ambitious, fully funded project with funding secured," says Dan Hamer, one of the students who helped to create the project. "We’re currently working on finalizing some production details and are looking forward to moving forward as soon as possible." The school will be creating a zombie walk through its halls on May 8, and will also be having a fan




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Neighbours From Hell 1 Skidrow Reloaded

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